Why alternative health? My personal experience and philosophy.

We have to each make individual choices for supporting our health needs. So I don’t believe I can change what you choose as medicine or even want to try . Indeed, I do wish good health for everyone . I think that is the basis for good choices about life and handling this planet with gentle care till we leave it.  So, go your way and if it goes along mine, then you are welcome to my clinic.

I do believe in energy that we cannot sense. I do believe that as humans we don’t really comprehend the magic that is around us and well maybe that’s why it is magic 🙂 Have I bumped into this kind of energy?

I remember the first time was an acupressure massage on my knee. I cried for hours after the treatment without knowing why. It was unusual for me to cry at that point in my life.

I had food poisoning and stress once, my digestive system was in  shambles. Maybe mostly stress. But I was also crazy about the road food in Mumbai. I was vomiting and nauseous all the time. I had to have a liquid diet with loads of yogurt and was in the hospital on intravenous liquids. I remember the trauma clearly as I remember that none of my hundreds of acquaintances in Mumbai or my extended family there came to visit me.  I booked my own self into the hospital.  I went to the allopath who called it hiatus hernia, a chronic problem. I went someplace quiet. I finally landed at the friendly homoeopath’s house, mostly because he was friendly. I took his pills. Had a cold for a few days and got back to my spicy foods in a month’s time. The hiatus hernia has not come back.  I don’t think I will make those choices about relationships again. I think also that our physical problems are intricately connected with the situation that we are in and cannot be deduced from x-rays.

Those are a couple of instances. So I do believe in magical energy. I do believe that we can support our changing, ageing lives in a fundamental and gentle way. I would even go far enough to say that I think our lifestyles based on excessive survival fears and over-medication , is probably harmful to our mind and body. I don’t have any rational explanations other than what I experience in my own life. I am in the process of my own healing. I am not here to change how you think. It is up to you to find out whether you feel the need to heal a part of you and choose what you want to do to support that.

I can support you in your process if it involves Reiki, Pranic Healing or Bach Flower Remedies. I am studying to be a Psychologist and am a Non-violent communicator, so we can also talk through some issues.

Wishing you a loving and supporting environment in your growth.

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