Watering and more

I have been watering the dried grass, watering the leafless stumps and basically just watering the garden for around 15 days.

To my joy some plants came back to life and some seeds sprouted on their own. I don’t have any idea what some plants that have come up are.Some I know and am really excited to see. A beautiful creeper – Tamil Name – Mayil Manikkam, has three saplings now and is growing fast.

Grass and Straw

I did not clean the dried grass and bamboo leaves in the beginning. One reason was that I believed in least interference with nature. I have also been brainwashed about the usefulness of straw after reading Masabonu Fukuokua’s book – One straw revolution. The temperature where I live is 35 degrees celsius and climbing, so I thought the straw would hold moisture . I had and do have a messy looking garden.

The maid cleaned out one bit of the garden and I shared with her my philosophy. I think she is frustrated to look at the garden but is happy with the less work . The grass has grown greener and thicker than earlier. Slowly, I did change my ideas a little. Whereas earlier there was no clean up at all and I just watered, I noticed that in some places the grass stayed brown. I pulled out by hand some of those bits and added them to exposed soil in the sides.  I continue the small clean up sessions in the evening when I am watering. Later I bought myself a small hand rake and a plastic sweep. I chose not to buy the beautiful, long, metal rake as it would pull out the grass by the roots.

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