Colon Cleansing

Bowel cleansing, intestine cleansing or colon cleansing is useful once in a while to feel lighter and to detox the body.

My suggestion is to use Bentonite Clay for a couple of weeks.  I usually soak about three spoonfuls in one litre of water and drink it daily.

My second suggestion is to eat a diet of fruits and vegetables ONLY for a week. Mix as many fruits and vegetables you have together and enjoy your meal. Mornings are great if there is mango and papaya and maybe some banana’s to give some more gooieness to the meal! Lunch can be made conventionally, chopping the usual vegetables like Okra or cabbage into tiny bits and adding grated coconuts . For the main dish, you have to cheat with  long chopped carrots or radish. Now, such root vegetables are great to munch if  you start feeling hungry as they add weight to the meal.

Remember NO daals or rice or breads. This is because the vegetables and fruits have some of their own enzymes that aids digestion and require the least bit of stress from our digestive system.

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