Acute Illness – colds, fever …

In short: My suggestion is to go for homoeopathic treatment. I have seen it work for colds, diarrhea, skin rashes and really QUICKLY.

In long: My suggestion is still homoeopathic medication if you come from a culture of visiting doctors ( like we all do). There is someone to take care of our problem . We can pass on a little of our helplessness and responsibility to the doctor if we trust them. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that homoeopathy works wonders in acute illness . I have had really itchy rashes go, colds become so much easier to be with. Throat aches.

My second and third suggestions are to drink Juices andrest. The body clearly is fighting something, better give it some quiet. Most likely things will pass in a few days. Like it seems our emotions change all the time, so will our physical disease. Yes, I have tried this strategy also and it works often. But I am one of those panicky types who calls my homoeopath. So thats just my personality, maybe you are more courageous.  I am suggesting this for colds, fevers and diarrhea , constipation and gastritis. 

Is Allopathy harmful: We come from a pill swallowing heritage. Not just that but when we have babies, then any risk taking when it comes to our own health is all thrown away in wanting to protect the child.  So we pass on the pill-swallowing style. I have really come to question mainstream medicine or Allopathic medicine.  In an earlier post, I have written about the food poisoning incident. The alternative health viewpoint is that the body is actually healing and repairing itself in an illness. So to stop the fever or diarrhea is to break the release and so the illness moves deeper into the body.  You have to make up your own mind by reading more and trying more. 

Personally, I am terrified of allopathy medication as my body goes bizzare when I take it . I took a sleeping tablet once and landed in a ventilator in the hospital . Either my body is very healthy 🙂 or  my mom overdid it with her hypochondria when I was younger. Either ways, thankfully I don’t have to choose alternative medicine!

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