Chronic Illness- Diabetes, Back Problems

I suppose when most people might start to look at alternative health is when they hit their chronic physical troubles.

If one is satisfied with their diabetes pills or sleeping tablets. And if one is  in general happy with their life and productive , then I don’t see anything wrong with the status quo. I don’t see anything wrong with smoking addictions,  food binge-ing, religious addictions etc. etc. I am no moralist and struggle with the moralists myself. If you have accepted that the illness is a part of your life and you have accommodated your lifestyle to fit it and you are happy with that. Stay happy and good luck .

For the others, my understanding is that the path to healing from a chronic illness is a tough one. But I am slowly coming to accept that it is probable.  Most require a change in lifestyle, and alternative health becomes “holistic” health.  I have seen blood sugar shoot down from 210 to 91 in two days, using diet control suggested by a Naturopath. I have seen that the right foods – brown rice, unrefined sugar, unprocessed oils, bring a total transformation in the physical and emotional health of a chronic patient. What changing food patterns also does is that it changes the strong conditioning we have in making choices about life. It is, as Masabonu F would have called, a One-Stroke School. My suggestion is therefore to find a Naturopath.

There are a million other paths- yoga, meditation, ayurveda, affirmations, homoeopathy. All of it require lifestyle changes and a continual dedication to grow. Some are gentler and some are faster. What an incredible palate, happy choosing.

Come to my clinic if you want to talk about it.

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