Rapaciousness of Nature

The grass grown sneaky tendrils outside the lawn onto the footpath, athough there seems to be empty spots in the lawn. The bush lining the lawn tries to grow into the lawn though it has its own passage and there is space in that passage for it to spread. There tiny little flies, half a mm thick, go round and round and pick at my few days old vegetables. Finally, I don’t get to eat the young cucumber, it is consumed by its own enzymes, the white fungi and some of them flies. The crows that I used to feed daily pick sticks for its nests, out of the support that has been built for the flowering creepers. There is mice in the house, often I see it running down the staircase and once crawling up my legs in the bed. I am really not sure which of my items it is destroying.

The crowning moment that showed me about universal greed was the blocked pipe of my sink. The trees that has been brutally chopped down by men had grown thick roots up the water pipe blocking its release.

It seems that breeding, growing and using whatever it is around us to aid that, is nature. It looks like destroying, fighting to protect one’s own integrity is a part of the life force. It seems the moralists got it wrong even in the paper.

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