The circular energy healer in a square world

I have someone with diabetes . They experiment with changing food habits as a healing method. But they cannot follow the discipline of the diet and go back to taking allopathic medication. The sugar had come down substantially. The mental-emotional obsessiveness and the infantile desires were beginning to get in control with the diet. Now they are back to where they began. Causing harm to their family and the environment in more ways than they realise.

I have another person with cancer. The family hears me out with fear, almost like they have to protect themselves against my idea of getting homoeopathic help.  And I come out as a persistent aggressive hawker of alternative medicine. It is tough for me to stand outside and watch someone I know go through suffering.  I suppose I am yet to learn to not suggest solutions unless specifically asked to help . However, I suppose I am better now at being the watcher than I was a few years back. It is my own problem I think, assuming excess responsibility for others while not caring enough for my own safety.

Maybe there is karma . Maybe my friends, they know a way to be happy and safe. That is all that really matters. At times I get my satisfaction, I find people are open when I approach them or they approach me.

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