Advanced Chronic Disease -Cancer etc.

This is tough luck. Highly likely the walls come crumbling down. Not just the physical disease which is tough enough to handle. But as far as I have seen, this is the time the ugliness of the social network raises its head. If one can handle the pity and the insinuations from the people who come to give support, I think that’s a great start. Please do find a good psychologist who you can talk to. Unfortunately at the moment, I have no one to recommend to  you. Family is great and friends also. If you are satisfied with their care and affection, great. If not, it is NORMAL.  Find a professional and you deserve that.

Btw, I have left you to figure out if you think you are advanced chronic or just a plain chronic sufferer. Anyways, I am doubtful that there are strict boundaries.

Now that I hope you are feeling emotionally Ok, how about some complimentary health suggestions? How about something gentle and physical – yoga, massage , shiastu, watsu, tai-chi? How about tai-chi ? Something new and gentle to learn and to reconnect slowly with your body? If you feel like you are low on energy and don’t feel like doing much physically and would like care from outside – get a Reiki or Pranic Healing treatment. They can be used to replenish your energy levels. Or the good old Pranayama or OM Chanting. There is also aromatherapy, crystal healing, music therapy. I can help with some of this.  If you want to try anything more, have a read at the Brandon Bays book- The Journey. She narrates about how she cured herself out of a tumor . Maybe some of the things there you might also want to try.

If you would like alternative medicine to be your primary care,  there are people who will support you. I respect your decision and your conviction. Please go for homoeopathy. India seems a great country for that and homoeopathy seems a very deep practice here.

Dr.Farokh Master can be reached at

Dr. A U Ramakrishnan at

Dr. Rajan Sankaran at

Like I mentioned in the earlier write-up, my view is that healing will have to involve lifestyle choices. Already there have to be lifestyle choices to fit in the dis-ease. I hope you find a way to fit in the dis-ease in your life that takes you on the path of happiness and health. Much love to you. There are many of us watching and praying and hooting for you.

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