Eating when hungry

I am a confirmed foodie. An eggetarian, i love all sorts of vegetarian and egg based items . Believe me, unlike what the meat eaters think , there is a huge variety of fried oily, spicy, vegetable combinations that are deadly!! Although it has been told me numerous times that what we eat is what we are, and I have heard all these raw food guys say they are high on energy all the time, I like my friend potatoes. Sorry.

I do of course later have confirmed guilt pangs. No, I am not bulimic. I drink some juice if I am guilty about loads of food. I just have not found a diet that works for me and treats my love for food kindly.

For the last two days , I have been experimenting with eating, ONLY when I am hungry. I am beginning to notice the many times thoughts of food come to my head The taste and pleasure of it, but when I look at my stomach it feels full.  I suppose these are the times when I am eating excess. I plan to continue the strategy for a week.Already, I do feel a little different. Somehow more in control and more in tune with my body. However, I am reacting with aversion to the kitchen, as often when I wait till I am hungry , there is nothing interesting to eat. So this morning I cooked and left some vanilla custard in the fridge. Maybe I can cook delicious food but also wait till I am hungry to eat them! That would be a balance and a start for me!

Followup: I gave the diet up. Food meant too much to me, like fulfillment, company, fun etc.

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