Had a worker help plant and transplant last week. There is to be a hedge of climbers and many that were growing in the middle of the grass patch were planted to the end.  Then there were some shrubs, which were planted to the side. The red soil which is beautiful to look at but not so porous was dug a few inches and whatever compost that was available was added to it.

To my happiness have found that some of the weeds that I had let grow in the garden and then replanted in the end, turn out to be nicely named plants – One called Mirabilis Jalaba.

The garden is a soul strength. To let things be and accept the plants. Of course, I have realised after two months that the garden is not going to be just a natural garden but a mixture of a natural garden and some of my thoughts/efforts. I am amazed at the richness of life that has been possible under care and space. I hope I tend my mind also with such care and understanding.

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