Fragnant Telosma

The summer has moderated and the garden seems to have survived well. This increases my confidence about plants and their resilience.

I learnt my gardening lesson in bits this summer. I plucked some stalks to replant but left it for one night without planting. They totally dried out and died even in that little time. Sad. The lesson is to replant cut stalks or uprooted plants immediately. However, I have in the past saved some non-thriving plants that had dried out. By replanting them in the shade. Sometimes there still exists some life after the drying up. So while I have mostly given up on the uprooted plants that I planted today, there is that small sliver of hope that they might reawaken.

I am happy over all at the life all around. Summer has been a time of careful attendance to life that already is . I also did some conservative seeding in the shade by the pond.  I am beginning to notice life coming forth , with the changing heat of summer ending, in just dry soil. Have to see if the second half of the year is going to be a time where I am wishing life doesn’t come forth too much!

I would really love to see a blooming flower garden and dream  of it.

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