Children and primary care

The last two weeks have been in a strange reality for me. From trying to help a dog in the yoga ashram to mothering three baby kittens and being suddenly involved with an animal health organisation. The weeks have been filled with nursing, worrying, medicating, feeding and cleaning poo! Also moments of playing with kittens, petting the dog, being proud of the dog’s friendliness and satisfied at the kitten breathing.

At the end of it I come away with a healthy rehomed dog , two kittens gone and one brown one healing. I also come away feeling drained . Slowing some calm returning to my life.

The last days involved heart-rending decisions to pick antibiotics or not, picking homoeopathy or not, force feeding the tiny one or not , the scary decision of actually getting it to swallow the medicine, the relief when some water is drunk or food taken. I am finally Ok with the poo and cleaning up, if that means good health. I feel shaken at the closeness between life and death. Also the helplessness of healing in general and my own experience in handling pathology. I understand how difficult it is going to be to choose medication for children, my own.

 I now have some confidence about growing plants and trusting my love for natural gardening.  By watching closely , I intervene in plant growth , usually mildly. More water or less, is the soil Ok, does it need shade etc. I love that the garden wants to live. I keep out of their way usually. I current have a couple of rodents in the garden eating the roots of the plants. I tried to put a stone on its entry but it dug another hole around it. I don’t have the mood to put any poison pills anywhere. I hope the rodent lives in harmony with the rest of the garden or does not destroy too many plants.

With animals, its deep water. I stand humbled. With people, I do mild stuff with the Bach Flowers and Herbal Teas. The clients are definitely calmer when they leave and happy. But when they go back to their stress filled lives, they quickly go back to their tense living. So it has been difficult building credibility. I wonder how I should grow .

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