Garden Molting

The garden has changed from a natural garden and needs to be now slowly renamed a herb or flower garden.

The usual maintenance of cutting grass, raking the leaves and watering continues. The grass grows actively. I did the first large cutting of grass today, an area of 4 x 2 feet .Planted some rose moss as ground cover instead. So thats marks the end of summer.

 The weather has changed from a blazing sun to a kinder sun with rain in spurts. The grass grows fast and there is all around vegetative growth in the garden. It is still much easier to grow the plants that come naturally to the garden than to bring plants from outside. So thats what I do. Some of the herbs that have come up are – American Mint, Cleome or wild mustard, Thai Nightshade, Tulsi. Other than those, I have a few more medicinal plants.

I do have a small seeding project where various seeds I get my hands on are tried and tested for germinated. You must have read about those earlier. The latest seeds I am trying is Candle flower or Senna and a second run on the sunflower seeds.

On the flower garden, qhile the vegetative phase is great, I am wondering if there should be more flowers. Especially with the Rain Lily Rose which I saw blooming in my mothers garden. Slowly slowly things progress.

Since the change of weather , I also notice a change of my attitude towards the garden. I find that the work is overwhelming sometimes. When the summer was on, my job was mostly to water . Now with the active growth of leaves, I find that maintenance is getting tedious. I enjoy the stillness of the work most times, but there always seems to be more to do! With growth also seems to be the problem of garden mildew and other pests. The flowers garden is still to take off, with there being still a dismal rate of soil based sprouting.

Anyways……Good evening!

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