Free holding

Been wanting to fly for a few days. Feel like things go in circle here with the responsibilities and I would like a break from the obsession around that. Would also like to have easier connections with people possible. Feel claustrophobic.

Trying to get things off my care list during my vacation. During the last trip , some of the plants dried and died. It was summer and the maid din’t water as much as I had wanted her too. Also, I am quite detailed in the watering. Want to keep life, but have less to say on their living. Happily, it is cooler weather than before with possibility of mild showers.

The flowers have bloomed. The rain lily rose finally !! The beautiful yellow ground nut flowers, the rose red mayil manikkam, the chilli blooms, the long leaved dayflower, the rose moss. Even a beautiful violent flower that I brought cuttings of, which I don’t have a name for yet. Time for the flower garden to smile!

Left all the pots out under the sky, where they would soak if it rains. Can I trust nature? And when I come back, am I ready for the possibility of some plants not surviving.

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