Wild Life!

Am back after my vacation. Refreshed yes, much better than before. Yes. A little daunted about facing the city again and the routine. Need a smoother way to flow energy and to grow.

The current project seems to be home and car and appliances. A few other projects are on, on the side. I have the time to myself and the freedom to choose, which are important for me. Two degrees in health are waiting my attention and some opportunities to teach. I still need a feeling of confidence that I am using my potential and a sense of belonging .

Anyways, greening is always a good idea!!

Plants have mostly survived my absence. A combination of good weather and attention by supportive people. Thats a piece of good news. However it has run wild!! The grass is almost a half foot high in places! Need to rework and reconnect and hopefully with an attitude of fun and ease.

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