Clean up

Its been a great month and a half in terms of weather. The rainy spells continue, almost on schedule on alternate nights. The weather is cloudy and fresh and the plants love the humidity.
My garden as I wrote earlier went wild, as the garden worker was also unavailable close to a month. I organised some help yesterday and the three of us had a good time gardening.

I asked for the grass to be cut using a couple of sickles and cleared out one hedge patch, while piling the cut grass next to the compost pile. The potted plants that were in the shade for the summer are on the ledge which gets the sun.

And we did some replanting of locally available plants on two more hedges. These were lying mostly empty or with wild grass cover, as the places are difficult to water. I planted Vinca and also some succelent.

The mango trees which grew on the compost pile we also replanted.

Overall, the garden has a clean , orderly look this morning. Some risks have been taken with replanting. The weather makes me happy. The birds and butterflies are out in the morning. Hope we have a good winter .

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