Pre Diwali

Hello. The garden is doing its work being stabilising for me. Things are the same since the cleanup. The replanting has so far worked and the grass has grown an inch higher in places. The chilli yields its fruits for kitchen consumption . The flowers have scaled down back to the perenial flowers of Oleander, Hibiscus, Markhamia and Peacock flower.

I am going through some changes and trying to re-balance. One the one side I am feeling  tied down to the place and on the other hand I feel overwhelmed by the things I need to do. I would like freedom and growth, while keeping my security and caring for what I need to care about. That seems HUGE!

The herbal business slowly chuggs along. The health clinic not so sure. I would like to grow the place into an alternative therapy home. But with my own self, I am having doubts about my abilities with homeopathy, which is where the animal treatment went. And with my abilities to speak before an audience on the Nonviolent communication bit or convince them of it. Wanted to get a structure on at the animal shelter, but came down with a dreaded fever myself after one of the visits. And now have second thoughts .

Good to have the plants!



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