With Diwali came the showers, as usual. I don’t know what goes on there……I always remember a wet Diwali in Chennai.

It has been a month of change. I ran into yet more tiredness on handling the house /garden related work. I think there is more to manage than I started out with, some bit got routine and also there is more on my plate at the moment since my psychology course started. So now I have more hired help. It does feel relieving that I have some support to get the daily tasks done. The slight tension on managing service people increases, but that seems a part of the game. Thankfully , the moneys have come at the right time.

I notice a change in my attitude towards the plants ( and life I suppose). Initially, it was a natural garden,where I would not remove one plant and even the grass grew over. Now, I am thinking of relaying the hedges and “controlling” the movement of plants. I did do that initially, but mostly softly via new seeds. I have a need to strike a balance at various tasks now, but I hope it comes with a caring attitude and a sense of sacredness.Flow.

I finally grew Coriander in a pot. And Orange seeds have sprouted in the garden!

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