Moringa and Caterpillars


I am having a Moringa tree outside my home, infested with caterpillars :-(. The caterpillars are in on other plants, generally hanging from trees and on the walls. The problem is that they give me an itch. Read that it may be the gypsy moth, but not sure. Not yet been able to do anything about infestation, organically. 

Lots of standing and facing the music this month. I have a garden cleaner and watering specialist working for me now. With the rains of course, he had no work other than to look at the garden. He ofcourse gotten bitten by the itch moth for his sloth.

I am standing and doing the loads of things that I don’t find so much joy in. Sometimes, to finish these gets an obsession and I lose energy. And sometimes, maybe this is taking me away from what I would enjoy doing. So it goes on, nowhere specifically to run to . There is joy and stress combined in maintenance. Yes, I wish someone took it all of my shoulders. But I suppose this is what being grown up feels like. Hell, my birthday is next week and I turn 32. Can’t say that there is no learning with time . There are accumulated experiences and clarity and also I suppose groundedness. Not to mention, the body keeps its own tab.

The growth is to be the garden and the clinic. With an NVC facilitation planned in January. I am getting a gardener (hopefully) to plant and cut the grass tomorrow. I have to sit to work out the design and the laying on plants. I think I will do a traditional laying for the garden with the usual garden plants and then find some space for the herbs.  The website on facebook is also up at –!/pages/Energy-Clinic/136162509795575

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