Bach Flower Therapy

(Published in the OMR Express on Nov 6th 2011)

Dr.Edward Bach in the UK in the 1920’s created a system of healing called Bach Flower Therapy. As the name suggests the system uses 38 flower essences or remedies and these are used to balance one’s emotional state. The emotional balance leads to increased wellbeing and a compassionate nature.

In Bach Flower Therapy we believe that disease is seen in the mind’s outlook via its fears and anxieties. These stresses can be used as guide to find the required flower remedy. Bach Flowers can also be used preventively. For example, if there is some disturbance in the mind without an actual physical disease, remedies are prescribed for the mind. Being treated with remedies will prevent the physical disease from manifesting.

The flower remedies themselves have fascinating names like Clemantis, Star of Bethehelm etc. Each of them has a specific mental state that they correspond to and alleviate. For example, there are five different flowers that can be used for the emotion of fear. A little more research into these five will point to the exact flower we might need to cure our fear. The flowers were found by Bach in his search for cures and it is said that Dr.Bach himself fell ill with an emotional imbalance till he experimented and found a remedy for it. Thus we have his sacrifice and perseverance to be grateful for .

Bach Centre is an organization run by the family and friends of Dr.Bach, who help preserve this beautiful healing technique for posterity. Their website has a wealth of information from the history to the uses of the remedies. They have a free download of the original book by Bach called the Twelve Healers. This is a must-have if one is using Flower Remedies at home. There is also information on certification programmes for practitioners and teachers. The remedies can be bought in homoepathic shops in Chennai. Bach Flower Therapy is a well researched, gentle and simple way to heal your family and pets. It is a safe way to greater wellbeing.


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