Appointing Gardeners

It has been an interesting few weeks since my return from Pondicherry. The house work has somehow mellowed down and is flowing. I think I have learnt not to be too friendly to people I appoint and to be clearer about the work to be done and NOT personal. It is still easy for workers to not work and get away with it ! I think I am more of a nurturing leader than a structuring one and then wake up one day suddenly burnt out and angry!!! Anyways….learning. A minor princess now, with the home, garden, servants and talks. Don’t still have much money to throw around, but I guess that makes me need to confront people issues and be patient with work.

I had a couple of real gardeners come in last weekend to work. Usually the help that comes are farm workers, construction site works or house maids. It was a real difference to have the gardeners! The work was so cleanly done , so efficient and I did not need to be around much. The mulch in the garden was completely cleared ( I decided that I want a clean garden in the rains) . The moringa caterpillars have reduced considerably but are still around giving me an itch occasionally. The biggest addition was the green garden covers in the sides. If they grow, the garden would be beautiful in a few months. Have to see how they come up. Another great addition was the potting of the herbal plants. Its amazing! Plants are amazing, there is such an incredible variety and they so love to live!!

No clue where life is headed, but so far, my hands are full trying to maintain what I have. Maybe I should run away and there will be freedom and loving people somewhere…….maybe there is no place to run to .

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