Energy Clinic as of October 2013

I did not post much on this site last year as there was a separate website up for Energy Clinic. Here is an update.

Energy Clinic completed two years as of April this year and I held a mini cake cutting celebration for that. I feel quite satisfied that the spirit of the center continued and two years is a reasonably stabilizing time. There were a number of workshops by invited teachers who used the space to talk about their work and teach skills to the attendees. Some of the topics were – Bach Remedies, Art Therapy, Contact Improv Dance, Nonviolent Communication, Yoga. Other than this there was the clinic where I offered sessions in Empathic Listening and Bach Remedies.

There were plans of growth – to tie up with a local hospital, to hire and home a full time manager, and to get outside investment for setting up a full fledged health center here. However, they plans are on various levels of shelving. External reasons were about finding committed partners. Internal reasons are that I am travelling and am needing space for my own health.

Energy Clinic between now – October 2013 and September 2014, will keep its space open for external therapists and teach-ins. Contact info at the Contacts Page.


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