How should I choose an alternative therapy?

I suggest that an exploration of the alternative therapies available the closest to you as a good start.

For mental distress there are so many wonderful methods available. I would highly recommend Bach Flower Remedies, soothing teas, a good massage, breathing techniques and meditation. For insomnia I recommend the chamomile tea or any hot herbal tea before bed . Fifteen minutes of conscious breathing before sleep can work wonders and clear out the cluttered repetitive mind.

For severe mental distress like depression, schizophrenia, phobias, addictions- my recommendation would be homeopathy (almost a must) under strict doctor supervision. I recommend in India, Dr.Farokh Master. He can be contacted through his eponymous website. This can be complemented in the wonderful ways mentioned above.  I also highly recommend a change to a simpler lifestyle or a move to living with nature.

Slowly I learn to give back control of my health to my body. The body and mind are capable of standing on their own and facing the various vicissitudes of life. External support is fine but self healing is maturing. I am sure if you have this understanding, you would have found your own way to heal. My healing now is through Vipassana.

Do have a look at my earlier posts on acute illness, chronic illness and advanced chronic illness.

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