Archana Sankaran finds it a little unnatural to have a website for displaying her art and her. She is a private person. She likes close relationships with few people best. So far she has enjoyed the clear, authentic, satisfying voice of her poetry and her photographs and her sketches by herself. This has been enough for her.

To go out there and display is something she has not done for as long as she can remember. She supposes it is also cultural – good women are not to be seen or heard loudly. Also humility is the sign of greatness; while diamonds will shine in a swamp and be noticed.

If she were honest, Archana would admit that good things did not happen often to her in groups when her diamond was shining. She see groups as domination systems where people are trying to find their place through a pecking order. Her usual experience as an artist and going off the beaten track for the last many years has been that a few people in a group get nasty to her. This disturbs her needs of safety and intimacy within the group. So she folds up and leaves, wondering at the violent nature of mankind and its apathy. Archana would love to judge this phenomenon as Indian, where hierarchy is more visible. Unfortunately her experiences in international groups are the same. On this topic, she was happy to discover Erykah Badu’s video called Window Seat . Group Think.

Note however Archana likes being a diamond, just does not trust shining that’s all. It is very important to her to be creative, whatever channel it takes. It is very important for her to be exploring boundaries, exploring truth. This has made her a shadow diamond. Since beginning 2013, she has had the faint doubt that she is getting her attention anyways from people, only deviantly. There is often a storm around and she is in the center as a shadow. She often has the eerie feeling of being looked at and is not fully sure how much of this is paranoia and how much reality. She has decided that she is going to get direct again.

Archana Sankaran would like to reach a place where social approval does not matter at all. Neither does she want to create images for herself to fit to.

On a positive note, since that is important too. Archana Sankaran likes the confidence kick of performance. It touches her that her singing can bring joy to people. She loves that her poetry can lead to a very emotional response in some of her readers . She hopes you enjoy her sketches and photography. Do write to tell her about it.


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